OMI Hospital is one of Karachi’s leading and oldest private sector healthcare facilities. Established in 1985, OMI has built its reputation as a leader in medical and surgical specialties, and houses some of the finest specialist consultants in the country. OMI Hospital has been serving the community for over 35 years and as a private healthcare facility in Pakistan it is adhering to international medical standards.

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  • OMI is compliant with the national industry environmental regulations, including Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), in waste management and has a license for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA). The hospital is also looking to draft a written policy in the current financial year to ensure compliance with all local environmental regulations
  • The hospital has a low environmental impact and is also actively working to promote a green office culture to reduce paper waste and be more mindful of our carbon footprint. A hospital wise digitisation program has been planned and will be rolled out over the course of next year
  • The hospital has a three-layered power source with gas generators providing the base load, with back-up from the local electricity provider and a third back up from diesel generators to ensure no loss in power of more than 6 seconds. The hospital is also evaluating proposals to install a solar power system that would fulfill a quarter of the hospital’s total energy requirements


  • The hospital has clear social objectives, where it focuses on providing quality healthcare at affordable prices. The hospital prides itself at being a fair hospital which does not believe in over charging patients when they are at their most vulnerable state and offers clinical services to suit every budget
  • In a country where the issue of unqualified doctors and fake medication is rampant, OMI pays particular attention to hiring qualified staff. We hire industry experts and have streamlined a robust vetting process to ensure that each individual in the organisation adds value and helps improve the quality of care
  • OMI is also an equal opportunity employer. Our focus is on ensuring that the most capable and qualified individual should join the team irrespective of gender. As a commitment to this, we aim for each position to have a reasonable mix of men and women, irrespective of their personal beliefs and identifications
  • The hospital plays a vital role in addressing key issues like Breast Cancer by actively raising awareness. For instance, OMI offered a 50% discount on Basic Mammography i.e. breast cancer screening throughout the Month of October 2020 which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month globally
  • OMI is compliant with all local labour laws and regulations
  • OMI also conducts regular sexual harassments workshops and we ensure a safe, non-discriminatory work environment
  • The OMI Management is also working to introduce a formal whistle blowing policy
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  • OMI maintains transparency in communications with its investors and offers regular financial metrics and utilisation statistics to investors and key stakeholders. A monthly update letter is shared with all unit holders of the fund, with detailed reports being shared on a quarterly basis
  • The hospital has separate chairman and CEO roles and has a diverse board of directors and management teams
  • The organization employs an appropriate mechanism to solicit and address feedback from key stakeholders regularly, in order to improve their services and products. This includes executive committee meetings which are scheduled weekly, quarterly board of director meetings and investor committees to protect investor rights
  • OMI has an integrated bottom up approach to collect feedback and ensure employee satisfaction

OMI is a leading private hospital in Pakistan actively trying to uphold ESG values where applicable. OMI is committed to the social aspect of being a trusted provider of quality healthcare and is striving to address a widespread problem of poor healthcare in Pakistan. OMI also offers these services at affordable prices, to combat the prevalent issue in Pakistan of expensive private healthcare, which is inaccessible to a large part of the population. OMI is committed to upholding these values along with a strong focus on their operations, environmental impact and management structure.