The Pharmacy maintains all the pre-requisite standards on international level to run a hospital pharmacy in effective manner. The services of The Pharmacy are available round the clock for In-Patients as well as Out-Patients.

The Pharmacy has established and sustained standards comparable to premium medical institutions anywhere in the world. With the modern, progressive benefits of state-of-the-art technology and the good old-fashioned values of personalized consideration of patient care, The Pharmacy is trying to ensure the utmost convenience of our patients.

At OMI, Patients and Attendants are not allowed to bring their own medicines to save them from the hassle of running around in and outside pharmacies and also to avoid substandard items for the patients. Besides this, we ensure that the patients get quality medicines from the best manufacturers.

A proper inventory is maintained to keep complete stock of supplies. We also keep a close check on the expiry date of medicines.