OMI provides prompt and efficient orthopaedic services to variety of patients. Prominent orthopaedic consultants are on call round the clock and perform emergency procedures like closed reduction, manipulations and surgical repair of crush injuries etc.

Orthopaedic OPD also has a clinic that cater routine follow up of PVT surgical patient as well as outpatient of different orthopaedic problems, it is run and supervised by a well trained and qualified consultant.

OMI provides comprehensive orthopaedic care and services at international standards. The hospital has a trauma centre which provides a 24 hour services and is staffed with experienced and trained technical personnel. Senior surgeons from different specialties are in liaison with the department and are available to provide their expertise.

Well renowned anaesthetists are also associated with the OMI traumatology department to provide anaesthesia in case emergency surgery is required. The department has its own theatre in the same area, where emergency surgical procedures can be performed. As back up support, the trauma center has 24 hours radiology, CT Scan, ultrasound, laboratory and other medical imaging facilities available to make a quick and accurate diagnosis which is vital in the life saving process.