All services at OMI are coordinated through state-of-the-art information technology. A local area network of highly integrated software developed in- house provides accurate and timely information based on a total quality management system for patients and administration. Billing is networked through computer terminals throughout the hospital and coordinated through the front office on the ground floor. OMI also provides its patients with the best possible related facilities to make their hospital stay more comfortable. The hospital Public Relations Officer is there to address individual needs and maintain communication on every level.

The Food Service Department, run by independent contractor offers a varied menu. The in-house laundry service provides fast and convenient service on the premises. The hospital produces its own electricity through gas generators. It has 2 standby generators also, which ensure that electricity failures do not interrupt the life saving work of the hospital or the comfort of its patients.

Each and every facility at OMI is subject to in- house monitoring and thorough maintenance on a regular basis to ensure the smooth functioning of all equipment and services. Great emphasis is put on general hygiene, responsible disposal of hazardous medical material and the strict maintenance of aseptic techniques to aid patient's early recovery.

Be it the VIP wing or the general ward, OMI prides itself on an excellently trained nursing and medical staff. The OMI team of nurses is qualified to deal with a wide spectrum of clinical problems and to assist doctors in any kind of emergency situation. Quality care in a compassionate and professional manner is our goal. Our nursing staff also knows that healing is not accomplished by medicine alone but also by painstaking attentiveness. OMI has always believed in an individual and personalized focus to tend patients back to health. Our staff is known to give attention to the smallest detail to make our patients comfortable. Great emphasis and efforts are put on training and in-house checks to try to ensure that the staff works efficiently and responsibly as a team. In addition, each individual is educated about the great responsibility they shoulder in contributing to the recovery of each patient, and taught how to work effectively towards achieving their own and the organization s goal. Because the job of healing can only be accomplished with tremendous care - and by people who care.