Hospitals are not built in a day. But their reputations are reconstructed and reinforced on a daily basis. The foundation is laid with every heart that beats again. The mortar is strengthened as each new child opens its eyes to the world. It is this very knowledge which heals, cures and saves that is the wellspring of a medical institution and with the realization that helping patients recover is a precious responsibility. Rarely does one go willingly to a hospital. But when you do, you need to know that you have made the right choice. That the institution to whom you entrust your health possesses the expertise and facilities to help you bounce back in the shortest possible time. And that the care providers there will do their best to take care of you.

Nestled in a verdant enclave off one of Karachi's busiest areas, with spacious facilities and restful gardens, The Orthopaedic and Medical

Institute (OMI) has been doing just that since 1986. Founded by Professor A. Rahim, one of the Pakistan's most respected and d brilliant surgeons, OMI has built its reputation as a leader in medical and surgical specialties, and as the chosen workplace of some of the finest specialists in the country.

Like the human body at its fittest, the several different departments of OMI work in skillful conjunction to offer you the finest medical attention. In addition to the dexterous team of in-house professionals, senior surgeons and clinicians are those independent specialists who opt to use its superb facilities above several others in the city. They are amongst the most highly skilled experts in the country, and maintain stringent international standards.

This consultant based service ensures that treatment in OMI remains under the supervision and responsibility of select senior clinicians, with our own Resident Medical Officers, Nurses and other hospital staff at hand to assist with the best possible standards of patient care.

OMI has established and sustained standards comparable to premium medical institutions anywhere in the world. We expect our patients to demand the very best medical diagnosis, treatment and nursing. With the modem, progressive benefits of state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated medical equipment, and the good old-fashioned values of personalized consideration and attentive post-operative care, we try to ensure the utmost care and comfort of our patients.