In addition to acquiring a full range of modern cardiac equipment at OMI, the clinical services are supported by the most reputed names in the field of cardiology:

The new cardiac clinics provide daily out patient computerized appointments with qualified staff who expedite clinic visits and procedures. Additionally, cardiac test or procedure scheduling requirements are co-ordinated from there.

A specialized monitoring unit situated on the same floor as the cath lab is the Cardiac Observation Room which is the customized recovery area for patient preparation and post procedure monitoring.

The OMI has the distinction of being the first hospital in the private sector to perform Open Heart surgery on a regular basis. The OMI operation theatres are known to be amongst the best purpose built theatres in Pakistan and are run with levels of excellence that set industry standards. Standby emergency coverage is provided by leading cardiac surgeons for any emergency related to procedures in the cath lab as well as for open heart or closed cardiac surgeries that may be required.

The 24-hour emergency room on the ground floor houses a specialized area for immediate diagnosis and treatment of heart related emergencies with facilities for cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, intubation and trans-venous cardiac pacing.