The purpose built Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is designed to provide a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions including coronary and peripheral angiography, angioplasty with stent placement for patients of all ages including pacemaker insertion single or dual chamber and valvuloplasty. OMI is proud to declare that it has engaged the most professional reputed and eminent interventional Cardiologist in the city.

The equipment consists of a high quality unit which is geared to meet the performance demands of current interventional cardiologist and radiologists including DSA (Digital Substraction Angiography). The Cath Lab. is operational round the clock, catering to elective procedures as well as life saving procedures for in and out patient with acute cardiac emergencies.

The Cardiac Non Invasive Laboratory is conveniently situated next to the Cath Lab. It is equipped with specialized machinery which allows for compete echocardiographic examination including two dimensional echo, color Doppler imaging, exercise stress echocardiogram, pharmacological stress echo, transeosophageal echocardiogram, peripheral vascular Doppler etc. Other comprehensive state of the art facilities including ETT, Holter monitoring, Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and programming of permanent pacemaker.