OMI has a capacity of over 100 beds and offers a variety of rooms to cater to the needs of its patients. They are tailored to suit different budgets and requirements.

All rooms are well furnished with imported patient beds and other facilities according to the room category. These include:

  • VIP (with attached bath and small pantry / TV / Fridge / Sofa & Couches / Dining Table)
  • DELUXE (with attached bath / TV / Fridge / Sofa & Couch
  • PRIVATE (with attached bath / TV / Fridge / Attendant’s Bed)
  • PRIVATE (with attached bath & Attendant’s Bed)
  • PRIVATE (without Attendant’s Bed / sharing bathroom)
  • PRIVATE SHARING (with sharing bath / TV / Fridge)
  • PRIVATE SHARING (with sharing bath)
  • I C U
  • N I C U

Aside from these, all categories of rooms are centrally air-conditioned and equipped with a ‘Nurse Call’ system with maximum provisions for privacy. We provide an environment of caring and knowledgeable staff who are available round the clock to responsibly look after the needs of the patients as per the reputation we have developed by God’s grace. Whichever accommodation is chosen, it is looked after and coordinated via centrally located counters with computerized systems where hospital staff is constantly available to cater to your needs.

Apart from regular admissions there are arrangements for minor procedures for outpatients and day cases where overnight stay is not required.

In order to facilitate patient care a strict attendant policy is followed and tough security arrangements are in place for all. A Client Services Manager / PRO is available to address individual needs and to maintain communication on every level.

Each and every facility at OMI is subject to in-house monitoring and thorough maintenance on a regular basis, to ensure the smooth functioning of all equipment and services. Great emphasis is put on general hygiene for a comfortable ambiance, strict maintenance of aseptic techniques to aid patient’s early recovery and the responsible disposal of hazardous medical material etc.